The easiest, most efficient way for physician practices to prepare for ICD-10.

Our All-ln-One Software Bundle

A comprehensive, easy to use, online, virtual ICD-10 consultant and transition manager

Ready10 is an online, project management software system for physicians which guides users step-by-step through learning, planning, organizing, implementing, and analyzing the ICD-10 transition. It works as a task driven “virtual consultant” and includes all the tools such as budgets, organization surveys, and impact assessments needed for a successful transition.

Easy to Use

Ready10 is an easy to use piece of stand-alone software. Using a sane, measured and phased approach to ICD-10, Ready10 will show you exactly where you are and what you need to do. Its user friendly, intuitive interface and simple yet effective tools will ensure you can begin your ICD-10 transition the day you get it! To insure that you get the most out of this software, we offer free, live trainings to everyone who purchases this “must have” ICD-10 transition software.


Ready10 is the only online, software of its kind. Access it from anywhere you have internet connection, including smartphones or tablets.

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What People Are Saying About Ready10 Software

“Creating custom documentation training guides is a snap!”
J. O’Brian
J. O’Brian
Office Manager/Treasure Coast Orthopedics
“Less that the cost of a code book – a great value for the price.”
C. Bush
C. Bush
IPA Administrator
“Even our doctors use it!”
D. Swartz
D. Swartz
Practice Administrator/Neurological Surgery Associates